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October 2018 - THECA Art Exhibition

"Paint the Town Scarlet" was runner up in the People's Choice award at the THECA Art Exhibition.
THECA Art Exhibition 2018

October 2018 - BIRD TALES Solo Exhibition at Bulimba Library

My solo exhibition, "Bird Tales", was on at the Bulimba library during October - telling the stories of birds through my paintings.
Bird Tales Exhibition 2018 Bird Tales Exhibition 2018

August 2018 - KADuffy Art awarded at Foot Square Exhibition

I received the Quava Espresso Local Business Sponosored Award for my painting "Glamah"
at the Foot Square exhibition at Aspire Gallery in Paddington.
Foot Square Exhibition 2018

June 2018 - KADuffy Art raising money for Cassowaries

I painted "The Spirit of Rocky" to raise money for rehabilitation of Cassowaries.
Money raised was donated to Rainforest Reserves Australia.

The Spirit of Rocky

April 2018 - KADuffy Art at QWASI Exhibition

I exhibited several paintings in the QWASI (Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc.) exhibition "International Wildlife in Art".
I was awarded highly commended for "Propagation of Wild Rose".

QWASI 2018 QWASI 2018

August 2017 - KADuffy Art a Winner of Cycling Brisbane and Scody Jersey Design Competition

Cycling Brisbane (Brisbane City Council) and Scody Australia (maker of quality athletic wear) ran a competition to design cycling jerseys for Cycling Brisbane and I was one of the winners. My design will be available to purchase soon. My jersey design and Scody's innovative production process are shown in the pictures below:
KADuffy Art Cycling Jersey KADuffy Art Cycling Jersey

November 2016 - KADuffy Art at QWASI Australia Wild Exhibition

I recently exhibited and demonstrated in the QWASI (Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc.) exhibition "Australia Wild". Thanks to all that came to the exhibition.
QWASI 2016

July 2016 - KADuffy Art at QWASI Exhibition

I exhibited several paintings in the QWASI (Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc.) exhibition "International Wildlife in Art".
I was awarded commended for the paintings "Albadango" and "There's a Toucan out my Window".
QWASI 2016

March 2016 - KADuffy Art on Display

For several months I had art hanging at Fundies Wholefood Cafe in Paddington and Heavenly Hair Design in Morningside.

Heavenly Hair Design Heavenly Hair Design Fundies Wholefood Cafe

December 2015 - KADuffy Art Books for Sale

I have published limited edition art books that feature my paintings and the stories and inspiration behind them. Each book is signed in paint inside the back cover. They are $45 each with $10 postage and handling.

Email me by clicking here if you wish to purchase one

Artbooks Artbooks

October 2015 - First International Sales

I now have paintings hanging in the United States and Chile. These paintings were commissions following a rather wonderful adventure to the Galapagos Islands.
A Pair of Boobies Red-footed and Blue-footed Boobies

October 2015 - Through My Eyes Solo Exhibition

My second solo exhibition was held at the Substation in Paddington.
Through My Eyes Exhibition

May 2015 - Flow Collection

In these paintings I use watery painting techniques to create vivid abstract backgrounds.
Eye Stalk at the Water's Edge A Crimson Rose Sweetness Before Dusk

February 2015 - Award at Petite Pieces Exhibition

I was runner up in the Judged Awards and won the People's Choice Award at the Petite Pieces Exhibition at Aspire Gallery in Paddington.
As my prize for the People's Choice Award I will be having a Solo Exhibition at the Substation in October.
Petite Pieces Exhibition

January 2015 - "Outside In" Exhibition

I had the great pleasure of being part of the "Outside In" exhibition at St Vincent's Private Hospital.
My paintings filled the third floor for 6 months to brighten the hospital hallways.

Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition

December 2014 - International Wildlife in Art 2014

I am now a member of QWASI (Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Incorporated).
At the QWASI exbibition, "International Wildlife in Art 2014", I was awarded highly commended for the painting "Fan-Dancing Fantails".
Highly Commended
Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition

July 2014 - Birds in Cubism

My latest artwork is exploring painting birds in the style of Cubism.
Carmine Cuisine White-Collared Conflict Awakening

June 2014 - Published Internationally

I have recently been published in "International Contemporary Masters VIII", see pages 98 and 99.
International Contemporary Masters Volume 8
Link to Publication

March 2014 - Latest Artwork, Cubism and Commissions

I have been exploring Cubism following an inspirational workshop at the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) with Svetlana Trefilova.

Time 4 T Songbird

Recently, I have also had several commissions, including a portrait of some adorable buderigars and the "Metso" bird (No Ordinary Black Chook) the namesake of Metso.

No Ordinary Black Chook Portrait of Chu Chan and Pico Chan
And many years later, I have finally painted this beautiful girl, only slightly ruffled after surviving cyclone Monica.

After the Storm

August 2013 - Inspired by an African Safari

When talking about an African Safari, most people talk about the incredible animals, and they certainly are amazing.
However, perhaps less well known, but equally spectacular, are the birds of Africa...

Tequila Sunrise
White-Fronted Bee-Eater Swallow-Tailed Bee-Eater Little Bee-Eater

September 2012 - More travel, more artwork

My latest artwork is inspired by a trip to South America, including Flamingos in the Atacama desert and Woodpeckers in Patagonia.

Atacama Head Down Bum Up Woody Woodpecker Austral Pygmy Owl Expressions The things I love

September 2011 - Latest Artwork Inspired by Walking

Kristy's latest artwork has been inspired by experiences from walking adventures.
The Cape Barron Geese were a beautiful distraction while walking at Maria Island in Tasmania,
and the very majestic Wedge-tailed eagle put on quite a display, ruffling up his feathers, on the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory.
There were also hundreds of grey-headed honeyeaters along the Larapinta Trail,
which are quite a beautiful bird if they ever stay still long enough for a good look.
Cape Barron Geese Don't Ruffle My Feathers Larapinta Local

August 2010 - Premier Exhibition Success

Thanks to everyone who came and supported me at my very first solo exhibition: "Making my Mark".

Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition

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