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Get the best price (studio price) by purchasing directly from my studio.
I can deliver (free of charge) to Brisbane and surrounds at a mutally agreed time, and all other deliveries will be charged at cost.
To enquire about the availability or purchase a piece please email me.

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In the Tree with Me Rufous Masquerade Propagation of Wild Rose spinebilleas Chilled Rose Glamah See the Sun The Major's Feast Perceptions in Blue The Spirit of Rocky The Cheek Of It Tom Tit Triptych Emurge Hidden Hunter Three Musketeers Unfiordgetable Varigated Fairywrens Paint the Town Scarlet Spotted The Tawny Discombobulation Gang Mugshots Emulate A Little bit of Sunshine True Colours of Cocka Two Dancing Through the Storms The Currawong's Ablutions Silvereyes Lady in Rufous Sulphur Secateurs Just Another Bloody Ringneck Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes Magpie Geese Albadango On Reflection A Sacred Sacrifice Twist and Dart Fairy Dust for a Rainbow
Rainbow Riot
Australiana Series Australiana Series Australiana Series
Intimacy with the Flame Chestnut-Breasted Mannikins Red-Browed Firetail Finches A Pair of Boobies Red-footed Booby Blue-footed Booby The Rainbow Connection Together Forever The Nankeen Defender Creating Rainbows Life, the Universe, and Everything Eye Stalk at the Water's Edge A Crimson Rose Sweetness Before Dusk Inquisitive On the Okavango There's a Toucan out my Window A Swallow's Welcome Many Facets of the Gem White-Collared Conflict Sweet Rain Through my eyes
Growth Constancy of Change Quiescence Awakening
Sacred Love Carmine Cuisine Fan Dancing Fantails Henk's Flowers Larger than Life Don't Ruffle My Feathers Atacama No Ordinary Black Chook Stilts Standing After the Storm Birds in the Hood Time 4 T Songbird Portrait of Chu Chan and Pico Chan Tequila Sunrise Echoes of Something Sacred Anticipation Family Terning into a New Dawn Return of the Takahe Scarlet Robins Head Down Bum Up African Bee-Eaters Woody Woodpecker Austral Pygmy Owl Expressions Flight What are you looking at? Spinifex Pigeons The things I love Spoonful of Seafood 2 Tui The Catch Henk Freedom Cape Barron Geese Larapinta Local The Three Boobooks Phases of Night Triple Double Trouble Catch of the Day Cygnets and Swans A Wary Glance On The Wing Successful Joint Venture Twist and Tern Leader of the Gang Hidden Gem Pelicans & Plumage The Curlew's Serenade Yellow Waters Lovely Flurry Railway Crossing Water Off a Duck's Back

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